Friday, 10 June 2011

Flowers everywhere!

(written in Ravelry under my "Little Flowers" project)


As is the way with all good things, I discovered Jo’s wonderful shop via word of mouth and decided to set off and visit. Currently, the shop (Just Unwind) is just off my route to work. Good thing for my spirit, not necessarily so good for my house space ;)

On my first visit I noticed the lovely flower bunting she has in the window which she has designed and created herself. I had two options, either wait 6 months til her pattern was released back to her or buy the latest copy of INSIDE Crochet Issue 18… sometimes I’m just too impatient. One trip to market stall and I’m all set, well almost. I first tried doing the flowers using double knit cotton, definitely didn’t work. It was as if there were too many stitches in the first row, reduce them and the same crinkly effect happens. I figured it was because of the magic loop. Second trip, success! I had succumbed and bought the correct yarn for the job in the colour Aqua. No problems, the flower “is so beauuuutiful” to quote Bugs Life, and now I can’t stop hooking flowers!

I’m sure hubby would have something to say to having flower medallions all over the house, so how to join them up into something useful… I’d found something about Japanese Crochet joining techniques in this book ”Crochet motif and motif Joining Together” ISBN 9784529049078. If you search in with the ISBN you’ll find some of the pages of the book. The joining technique I used was on page 50. Sorry, no idea as yet as to what it’s called in English.
Jo has also hooked her flowers together in a lovely little blanket which she has in her basket. The basket is almost it’s own little featurette with the gorgeous little flower basket cover she made for it too :D Visit her blog to see a picture of it,

09/06/2011Thus inspired I rushed over in my lunch break and bought the other 3 colours. I think I’ll be using them all… Hooking starts in ernest, I currently have 15 flower medallions all joined together as I go. Just need another 5 and the blanket will be about 30 inches wide. I plan on making it square shaped and stripey, a nice bit of colour not too big nor too little (hopefully) for a friend’s first baby girl :D

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