Sunday, 12 June 2011

Flowers of the furry kind

I've completed 2 rows so far of my Little Flowers baby blanket. It takes me about 15 mins to hook one medallion, hook it to previous row and then to it's neighbour... really hoping I'm going to speed up as I go along :/ Good news is that two thirds of the way through 2nd row I have managed to work out how to bind over the previous medallion's yarn end. Instead of the 400 tails to sew in only 15 to do :D

Looking good so far. Now onto third colour which although I like it, navy blue, is going to be a pain hooking with as it's so dark (must remember for next time). Daylight bulb working so I'll just peg away at it. Don't feel so guilty being inside today as it's peeing it down outside and winds are a-blowing again too.

Before I start and get "hooked" with hooking (I wonder if that is even correct as a sentence...), time to cook the rice for tonight's yummy supper of marinaded spicy chicken, homemade tomato salsa and carrot salad :D

Bis spaeter!

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