Friday, 22 April 2011

Easter Weekend!

It's the Easter Weekend, and it's Sunny! \o/ Woke up to birds singing a sunshine streaming through our blinds,.. also discovered Hubby had stolen most of the bedsheets grrr. But then the temperature is just right inside :) Not sure the cats believe that though, after the usual "Hallo!" it's "ooo, comfy. Mmm, stay right here and curl up". I'd be boiled with all that fur and sleeping on our Indian duvet?!

I'm torn between writing up what I've been up to recently in the Front Garden (F.G) and actually going out and carrying on the battle with the weeds in the pebble patch and little bed. But that would mean then needing to make something for breakfast and our milk has decided it's going to turn so no cereal and I've eaten all the eggs,... and I'm stumped *humph* Must get out of bed and do something *sigh*

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