Thursday, 3 February 2011

New Year & grasping the nettle.


And it is. I don't care what's been happening lately, it's a New Year and the right time to freshen up & clear the gunge out of one's life and house! But why is it at this time of year that we feel the need to do this? .... um a good question. I guess because I need to be doing something to brush away the grey and hibernatory feeling that the winter months bring on. It's also a good time to give myself a kick up the a*&% and finish things off and motivate myself.
It's a new year and I find myself looking for a new job. The temp job I found after college didn't pan out and after 4 months I had a long Christmas break. It was nice to have time to get ready for Christmas even if it was a small affair. We had my parents-in-law staying with us with the father-in-law having an extended stay due to slipping on the ice at the corner of our road. His words were "I know smoking can kill me, but never expected it to be this way!" Fortunately, he hadn't broken anything but had landed fully on his hip joint which has meant that he hasn't been able to walk properly without crutches for a while. Last we saw he was managing quite well with using one stick and taking every opportunity in reminding us of the fact he couldn't carry anything so please could we bring his tea through to him :)

Before becoming a housewife again we'd booked to visit hubby's parents in Spain in early January. Unfortunately it didn't make finding another job easy as I wasn't available for at least 10 days at the beginning of January. But the holiday was booked and I am so glad we had the chance to go. The weather mostly behaved itself and despite the chilly evenings short-sleeved-shirts-were-us pretty much every day. The quality of the sun was just mmmmmmmm! Batteries have been recharged and we are ready to tackle this year. Now all I need to do is organise my home life. Work life was fine, home life seems to be different.

I have decided that although being at home is a nice change, it is not doing much for my well being and motivation hence the a&%* kicking.

  • First step, continue our general routine as if I was going to work. Being pushed in the general direction of the shower about 6:45 am is harder than I remember *sigh*
  • Second step, form a routine.... still working on this.
  • Third step, find something to do which gets me out of the house. That was easier.
  • Fourth step, more of an addon, go through our Sainsbury magazines and sort out and use the recipes from them.
So far I have made (says me preening) Toad in the Hole with a very nice homemade gravy, and Chilli stew (I'd definitely recommend this one, a delicious recipe and easy to do). I've made other meals but these were on my own :) I know, simple things and all that. Normally Rob does the cooking and I the preparation. I don't mind cutting up raw meat and I prefer Rob's fingers being attached to his hands still :)

This week I visited our local Voluntary office and those things I have chosen to do I have contacted, organised and am going out to do. The first step was easy, anyone can pick up the phone and speak to someone. Second step, organising a date and time to meet and going was good. Third step, continuing this forward movement and going again was the hard part. Well, so far with my first voluntary project RDA (Riding for the Disabled). I used to do this whilst at school and at University but haven't worked round horses since about 2001. I enjoyed helping out, but the initial step out of the house in the direction of said activity was hard. It shouldn't be but for some odd reason I have been making excuses to myself so as not to go. Tuesday I had a reason, met and registered with BEES (Bradford Environmental Education Service) and will be planting trees in Keighley all day Friday. Wednesday, excuse was I am doing something this afternoon and really should be redesigning my CV this morning. Today though, mental kick and out I went, after checking help was needed for this morning's lesson.

I can be such a numpty at times. I really enjoyed myself, although could have done without the breathing in of fine mud after brushing down the ponies before the lesson :D Most had thoroughly enjoyed rolling about in the field earlier ready for me to warm up nicely whilst giving them a good grooming. I discovered I have missed it, working with the horses and helping the kids enjoy and learn. Despite the silly feeling of I'm not sure about being able to remember what to do it was no problem. It was like putting on your favourite pair of jeans that always fit nicely. I also met a friend's mum who has been helping out there for years now. I am going to the Line Dancing Social to which I used to go to and I discovered Jackie (manager of the Haworth RDA) used to work with the large machine looms in a factory. It's funny how things go and those you meet...

Catz has come to say hallo and see what I am up to. She's very good at blocking access to the keyboard to get my attention. Any typo mistakes, blame on the one handed typing :) She's found a beaded star ornament to play with, two hands now.

Yesterday afternoon I went to meet Sam at Small World, Keighley. It is a small group of people who give and help the young local kids access to somewhere where they can be creative. It is based in an old factory building. They have done really well in improving and creating a creative workspace on the first floor and are looking at improving the ground floor space now too. I wonder if college knows anything about it... something I will look into :) Sam had asked me to bring examples of things I had made. Earlier that morning I dashed around the house going, "what have I finished!?". I have made lots of things, but a few *cough* I have not yet finished and was made painfully aware of this whilst turning the house upside down for finished projects. Hmm, maybe I exaggerate a little but that is one of the things I need to improve on at home. There's one New Year's Resolution formed. :) We had great fun talking about crafts and things Small World do and forming new ideas of things to do. I could even continue helping out there once I get a new job \o/ Same with the other two voluntary projects, as they can be done at the weekend and/or evening.

Ach Catz is back again, time to feed I think :) I will try not to leave it so long till the next time I write. Have a good week, and keep smiling :D

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